Placemint Map Jewelry

Branding + UI/UX


Placemint Map Jewelry

UI/UX + Branding

The Team: 

Christina Rodriguez - Brand + Concept + Wireframing + Front end web development

Callie Gabbert - Illustrator + Concept + Wireframing

Ryan Holm - Brand + Concept + Wireframing + Front end web development


A UI/UX + Brand Design for a jewelry company that uses Google Maps + memories to turn the map of a favorite place on earth into custom jewelry.


Crafting the map of a favorite place into pieces of wearable jewelry.



The emotional connection that Talia the designer creates with her users and each piece of jewelry she makes needs to also be portrayed emotionally and visually on her website. 


Rebrand, position, + develop a website for Placemint Map Jewelry (previously You Are Here Jewelry) that encompasses the values, technology, emotion, and craftsmanship that goes into each handmade piece.



Variable Solution

A complete rebrand of the look and feel + website that allows viewers to understand what Placemint Map Jewelry stands for, what they sell, the emotional connection they want to create, and how to easily navigate through the buying process online.


How it was made:


The mark for Placemint Map Jewelry was created based off of the designers own personal memory. Using the map of the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv, the place where Talia created her first map jewelry collection, a logo was created.



How it works:


Color Palette:

The color palette was created using warm, soft, and personal colors that would evoke emotion and bring the user back to a heartfelt memory from their past or present. 



With Futura being used for the Placemint mark, we wanted something that would keep the geometric shapes representing each jewelry piece while incorporating a modern twist to represent the modern style and technology Talia uses. 




Map making process:


The website and map making process was geared towards emotions of warmth and happiness, feelings the viewer gets when thinking back on the place of their favorite memory. The simplicity lends itself to how simple it is to remember back on a great memory that you wish to cherish forever.  


Placemint Packaging:


People receiving their personalized Placemint Map piece will receive it in a simple black jewelry box that showcases the Placemint logo on the front. Simplicity and personalization from start to finish. 


Thought Process:


From my first thought going into this project, the first brand + UI/UX design, going back to redo what was created first, to my final thought. Here are the behind the scenes to the Placemint Map Jewelry thought process: