On Demand Dry Cleaning + Laundry

Branding + UI/UX


On Demand Dry Cleaning + Laundry

Complete Brand Design + UI/UX



A UI/UX + complete brand design for a dry cleaning + laundry startup company that uses existing technology to bring its services to the consumer when it's most convenient for them.



Semi-finalist - Adobe Achievement Design Awards 


A dry cleaning and laundry company that  caters its services to the customer when it's most convenient for them.



People don't have time or proper resources to integrate simple chores (like doing their laundry and dry cleaning) into their daily routines. They are finding that they need services to come directly to them, at their convenience, instead of the other way around.


Create a dry cleaning + laundry company that picks up and delivers its services to the customer, works around their time and schedule, and creates a convenient and simple experience for all who use it.



Variable Solution:

A dry cleaning + laundry company that uses existing technology to bring its services to the consumer when it's most convenient for them.


How it was made:


The mark for On Demand Dry Cleaning + Laundry was created by pulling shapes and elements from common objects used or resourced during the cleaning process.



How it works:


The On Demand process is meant to be as simple and convenient as possible. We want our customers to feel like this is one less daily chore they don't have to worry about. 



Web & Mobile + App:


The On Demand Dry Cleaning + Laundry website stays consistent with its services; clean and simple, allowing the user to easily find what they are looking for. The ODDC+L app acts as a schedule + storage system for users to allow them to repeat past orders and earns rewards the more they use our services. 


Transportation Bags:

Three different types of bags (made from recycled material) will carefully pick up, transport, and deliver our customers' laundry and/or dry cleaning. The ODDC + L logo will be on each of the bags so employees and customers know which bag to pick up and use.


Transportation Van: 

Eco-friendly vans will be used as transportation for your valuables, keeping not only your clothes clean but the environment as well. Because there is always precious cargo in our vehicles, our deliverers make sure to always drive with caution. 


Color Palette:

Consumers want their clothing to be fresh, soft, clean, and new again. Based off of these feelings, a color palette was born.



Bryant Bold, Medium, and Light were chosen because of their round forms that compliment things like the round door of the washer, the face of the clock, and the hook on the hanger. 


At On Demand Dry Cleaning + Laundry, we believe in treating yourself. When you create an account and use our services for the first time, you'll automatically be on your way to redeeming freebies like our soft on hands, hard on dirt, hand soap.


It's time for a clean start, try On Demand Dry Cleaning + Laundry today.



Thought Process:


From my first thought entering this project, secretly snapping photos in laundromats, completely redoing the ODDC + L mark, research and wire framing, to my final thought once finished. Here are the behind the scenes to the On Demand Dry Cleaning + Laundry thought process: